Praise and Applause for Ada Boje, Licensed Massage Therapist

Deborah McKay, Naturapathic Physician

“As a naturopathic physician, I am a connoisseur of massage therapy.  It is critically important to me that anyone I refer does excellent work.  Nobody even comes close to Ada’s skill and sensitivity for my lymphedema.  Ada has “eyes in her hands” — she is incredibly smart and sensitive about exactly what this body needs at this moment.  Ada has given me so much hope that I now take better care of my own body. I was so discouraged that I had started ignoring my body’s needs. This is huge. I do recommend Ada’s services all the time because she is the most skillful massage therapist I have ever worked with.”  – Deborah McKay, Naturopathic Physician


Jean Pierson, PT“I receive way more than the usual massage with Ada. She knows many different forms of massage and other healing methods both hands on and energetic. I love that she is so warm and caring and has such deep integrity to keep educating herself to bring forth new kinds of bodywork. She is deeply committed to bringing the best for her clients. Besides enjoying the benefits of her healing bodywork for myself, as a physical therapist, I refer my clients to Ada. Go see Ada – you will be glad you did!” – Jean Pierson, Physical Therapist


Sherold Barr

“I had two back surgeries 20+ years ago. I work consistently to keep my body in shape. Over the years, I have found some of the best body workers and physical therapists to work on me to keep me out of pain and in alignment. I just discovered Ada, and she is remarkable. She is way beyond your typical massage therapist in her knowledge, training and skills. She is like an intuitive – she can read the body with her hands. I highly recommend Ada.” – Sherold Barr


Sandra Gordon

“Ada has helped improve my fibromyalgia. She knows my body and how to best treat it. She is a great health partner to anyone who wants to improve their health.” – Sandra Gordon




Jason Barker

“Ada has massaged me for several years now, addressing issues like tight muscles and a neck injury from auto accident. She is very professional and knows her craft. Ada is the best [body worker] I’ve ever experienced. I always feel better after leaving her office.” – Jason Barker



“Ada is very knowledgeable, professional and understands the workings of the body. I carry a lot of tension in my upper back and neck area. Regular visits with Ada help control the tight muscles that cause me pain or headaches. Her energy work realigns my mind and body so it works as a unit once again. Ada’s techniques and knowledge base make her one of the best in Portland. I have been to others for massage — even the high-end salons — but Ada’s techniques and her approach give her the upper edge as one of the best. My body is more aligned, less tense and my mind is clearer after seeing her. Ada is a gentle soul and you feel very comfortable with her immediately. For me, frequency is the key to keeping a healthy body and mind.” – Julie Mast


“Working on my feet in a restaurant, I can honestly say that my feet and legs hurt. Ada is and was a miracle for me. After a few visits, pain that I had been carrying around for 30 years was gone. I told my husband that I would be willing to give up a luxury (or not so luxury) item just to keep up monthly visits to Ada, and I have!” – Gretchen


“I appreciate how respectful Ada is with her hands, in fact she reads so much with her hands it’s like she sees through them!” – Shirley


“I have been going to Ada for a number of years. I look forward to my appointments with her, and I have never been disappointed by her not being there. If she has a conflict, we set up an alternate date well in advance. She is dependable and always there for me when I need her.” – John Maslen

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